Artist Statement

"The ocean was very much part of my childhood.
Growing up in the Netherlands, a country that
over the centuries was mostly built out of the
sea, I lived within walking distance of the ocean.
Over the years the North Sea showed me its
beauty, its fury, and its bounty. I saw the fishing
fleet go out to sea regularly and watched the
fishermen's wives not only mend the nets but
also pace the beach waiting for their spouses"
safe return during the often vicious North Sea
winter storms. Frequent visits were made to the
fish markets as seafood is very much part of the
Dutch diet.

It was inevitable that the ocean became the main
focus of my painting, as over the years it had
automatically become part of my soul. I am
forever fascinated by the seemingly limitless
variety and ultimate complexity in the sea
creatures I encounter and never cease to be
intriqued by the beauty of the colors and the
many shapes, everything from soft and ethereal
to stark and threatening. Nature, once again, is
perfection and it is a true challenge to try and
depict that."